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Just out of curiousity, how many of you guys play WoW?

I mean, if we have enough in the right region I would love to level up & quest with a group & eventually create a Myranium guild.

I've got a few characters, my main is a hunter, but I've always wanted to play a mage.

So what I want to know is, do you play World of Warcraft; if so would you want to level up some new toons as a group?

And also, for the sake of it, what's your main?
Posted Aug 26, 13 · OP
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I do.
But I play on Molten :(
My main guy is called Titslord its a Level 85 something something (it's been a while). I only started playing this year.
If enough people want to do this I might even get legit WoW *gasp.
Posted Aug 26, 13
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Twilight Lord
Ive had enough of subscriptions and yeah molten is great been there but dunno
Posted Aug 27, 13
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Brutalicous a
Brutalicous @ Yogscast Complete
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Don't have the cash for a sub atm, but best of luck to yas! I had two 85's when I used to play, and I imagine that leveling up with others would be more fun than grinding alone
Posted Aug 28, 13
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